At George Clooney's life acheivement award ceremony

Sweta Rai - Jury at 17th Beverly Hills Film Festival in Los Angeles

A jury at the 17th Beverly Hills Film Festival with Steven Paul ©bhff

Sweta Rai with JON VOIGHT at the premiere of their movie

With Jon Voight at the premiere of their movie

With Anchor Melissa Lee at the CNBC show "Fast Money" at Times Square, NYC

At the CNBC show "Fast Money," Times Square, NYC

At an Oscar viewing event in Hollywood

Sweta Rai at a photoshoot in India

At a photoshoot in Mumbai, India

Sweta Rai - Producer at the Guess fashion show in Singapore

At GUESS fashion show in Singapore

Sweta Rai performing Malaysian dance called ZAPIN

Performing a Malaysian dance called ZAPIN

Sweta Rai speaking at a conference at Discovery Channel

Speaking at a conference at Discovery Channel

Sweta Rai Newscaster

Presenting a LIVE bulletin as a Newscaster

Sweta Rai at the Director's Guild of America for screening of her film

At the Director's Guild of America for the screening of her film

Sweta Rai performing an Indonesian dance

Performing an Indonesian dance

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