Sweta Rai's poster at a metro station in Singapore

Sweta's poster at a metro station in Singapore

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Sweta Rai mentioned in Singapore's leading daily - Straits Times

Sweta's mention in a multicultural campaign in Singapore's leading daily- Straits Times

Sweta's COVID documentary Coverage in The Pioneer (pg.9)

Sweta Rai selected as the Jury of the 17th Beverly Hills Film Festival in Los Angeles

Jury at the 17th BEVERLY HILLS FILM FESTIVAL held in Los Angeles. Judged films from across the world

Sweta Rai's posters on the busses and bus shelters in Singapore

Sweta's posters on the buses and bus shelters in Singapore

Sweta Rai's interview in Zee News

A special show based on Sweta's journey as a female filmmaker. Telecasted in India's leading channel ZEE NEWS.

Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) music video to promote diversity, telecasted on MTV.

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